November 3rd, 2015


Найден ген отвращения к звукам жевания (мизофонии)

Давненько я не заходил на 23andMe, а там для старых пользователей все еще публикуют новые результаты:

Are you annoyed by everyday noises such as the sound of other people chewing? You may have a mild case of misophonia: literally a "hatred of sound". Misophonia can be brought on by a variety of sounds made by other people including breathing, nail clipping, footsteps, and, most commonly, eating. About 20% of 23andMe customers describe themselves as "filled with rage" by the sound of other people chewing, suggesting that misophonia may be quite common. Furthermore, female 23andMe customers are almost 30% more likely to report this sensitivity than male customers. Unfortunately, misophonia has not been well studied by scientists and very little is known about its causes. An internal study at 23andMe, however, shows that genetics may play a role.

A study of roughly 80,000 individuals with European ancestry who participated in 23andMe research surveys identified a genetic marker associated with sensitivity to the sound of other people chewing food. The marker rs2937573 is located near a gene (TENM2) that may play a role in the brain. Individuals with the GG genotype at rs2937573 had about 1.2 times higher odds of being sensitive to the sound of chewing, compared to individuals with the AG genotype. Individuals with the AA genotype had about 1.2 times lower odds of being sensitive.

Мне повезло, у меня AA, мне всё равно, кто там как чавкает.