September 24th, 2015



Очень подробный разбор дилетантской поделки Лейзера Заменгофа, популярной в узких кругах.

... Even Klingon appears to be outselling Esperanto ... most resembles a tidied‐up version of schoolbook Polish ... Left with no official system, Esperantists just stuck to their mother‐tongue habits, giving most modern dialects a (further) heavy Slavic influence. ... You aren't using a computer built from Charles Babbage's blueprints, so why would you want a nineteenth‐century prototype auxiliary language?

Веселья на несколько (рабочих) часов.

Небольшая подборка омонимов:
avaro “avarice” “a group of grandfathers”
filino “a daughter” “dirty linen”
kolego “a colleague” “a big neck”
menstruo “menstruation” “a mind‐hole”
rapido “speed” “a turnip‐sprout”
supero “superiority” “a serving of soup”