October 7th, 2012


C++ for 11 y.o. ?

Here's a letter a friend of mine asked to repost here in hope to get more answers as I have no idea about teaching C++ for 11 year olds.

I need help from CS and C++ gurus out there.

My son is taking "computer science" at school. Needless to say it is very little about computer science at least at this point, and more about writing simple programs on C++. They do Scratch too as part of the same class, but now I do have question about C++. Needless to say, last time I was programming on C++ was 20 years ago and I did it for less than 2 months. So far I am capable of helping him, but I want him to try to find answer first himself, before calling me.
I do have a couple of books at home but their thickness alone is frightening for him (now, when I am thinking about it, they are as thick as Harry Potter, and he doesn't have problem with Harry Potter :).
So here is a question: can you recommend a very CONCISE book or a SIMPLE to navigate website for C++ that will have bunch of samples with explanations that a LAY person can understand, it also should be free of specific implementation. They are not covering object oriented paradigm, so I am looking for a simple syntax explanations. They are using Code Blocks as an IDE.

So far the closest to what I am looking for is this:
http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/lesson1.html . I probably would prefer a few more samples for every topic and a little less text.

Do you know any other hidden gems?

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